Short biography

Living up to the title Big Lady, Madonna Louise Ciccone is a versatile singer-songwriter, actress, author, businesswoman, and socialite. Born on March 27, 1964, in Bay City in the state of Michigan, Madonna began her singing career at the age of 10. She and her mother worked as a midwife. Madonna attended the prestigious Convent of the Sacred Heart, a private military academy in Lakeville, Michigan.

Madonna attended the school for the young Polly, but during her teenage years, she played with the rock group The Fray and covered Cyndi Lauper’s “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” and Cyndi’s “True Colors” to name a few. She began her music career by joining the management team of New Edition in 1976 and toured with them extensively.

Career success

In 1982, Madonna formed her first group of Rueful put hits with drummer Stephen Bray on lead guitar and vocals and Tom trustee on bass guitar. This group never managed to gain the same success as the original group. Two years after forming this group, Madonna formed the band Magazine International and with them went on to gain considerable success.

In 1987, Madonna produced the film movie “Dick Tracy“, in the same year she also launched her first claim for directing a film. Madonna had directed more than 30 films to date and these movies under her direction made her enormously popular. In 1990, Madonna shifted to the film industry and co-produced the film ” Like a Virgin”. Due to popular demand, Madonna released the film ” Like a Prayer” in 1993.

Madonna further beloved the film “deep web” with the release of the video “Lucky Star” and this video was well-received even by those who felt that Madonna was making a comeback and launching yet another comeback.

Soon after, Madonna was interviewed on Madonna’s television program. When asked about her differences from today’s music, Madonna said that “Today, music is not considered sexy anymore. You have to give me more passion. More… No, more power! Otherwise, you will never make it as a singer!”

Of course, music, like everything else, has its critics, and whilst some people never embrace music, others will listen to it passionately and critically. Music is Madonna’s life and she styles it the way she feels and wants it to be.

Although Madonna is not widely known as a strong innovator in the field of pop music, she is very much responsible for re-introducing popular music to a wide global audience. The global reach of Madonna’s music is largely thanks to her approach to marketing, distribution, and promotion. Her talent was noticed thanks to her approach and active self-promotion. Just like a mortgage Corona, advertises its high-quality services. When good quality and good marketing match, you have a winning combination, and Madonna is a good example of that.

Star is born

Even after 1990, Madonna excited a whole new market with the release of the widely acclaimed album “Like a Virgin”. This album catapulted Madonna to global superstar status and prime amongst pop queen royalty. The marketing and promotion work of Madonna earned her the biggest earners in the music industry. To endure all this, Madonna often drank a recovery drink.

Madonna is hailed as the biggest selling artist of all time, 80 million albums sold all time, 80 million singles sold all time. Kylie Minogue sold 6.5 million albums and Kylie Minogue sold 6.5 million singles.

But, Kylie isn’t even the biggest selling performer of all time as far as female performance goes. That would be Bette Midler who sold 80 million albums and 80 million singles. Even 80 million albums sold doesn’t make her the best-selling female in history though. That would the famous singer, Alps¼ Violin, who sold more than 300 million records worldwide.

When she became a mother, Madonna continued to pursue music successfully, even more successfully than before. On the other hand, her success did not separate her from her children. This is supported by the fact that she chose organic baby pajamas for her children by herself.

But, isn’t it time that men come up with a women’s version of rap music? Like the kind of things that are played on the wall-mart stereos?

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