The Most Famous Musicians of All Time

There is an incredible number of musicians in the world today. The most famous musicians, of course, are the ones who have made it big in the music industry. But just because someone or someones is famous doesn’t mean they developed the ability to play music. Some may have been blessed with a great voice, but they may not have been blessed with the ability to play an instrument. Some may possess great gifts for music while some may not. Therefore, the position of guitar player or musician is not a talent that can be born with. It is something that must be developed.

Talent is not enough

Some people may test and try to determine just who are the most famous guitarists of all time. Whether it is someone in the music business today or someone that is unspeakably ancient, these are the ones who have tested themselves by playing and creating music. They have proven to be the ones who have stature when it comes to guitar players and musicians. Therefore, it is safe to say that they are the most famous guitarists of all time.

Others will test out the top five, and even the top one hundred guitarists of all time. They will undoubtedly come up with many different names. However, the ones who are most famous today could be a result of the ones that made it to the top of the top. The ones who have made it huge are the ones who have survived the test of time and are still remembered today. This is why some people will say that the top guitarists are the ones who have the most number of hits.

The ones who have a great impact on the music world and industry are often not the ones with the most number of hits, but rather the ones who have stayed long in the music scene. They are the ones who consistently put out great albums, or songs that turn out to be timeless. Therefore, these are the ones who are generally remembered and referred to as legends.

What is really important?

But exactly how many legends are there? Well, the list is actually very difficult to come up with. L relative weatherman, Elton John, for example, dropped “Proud Mary” in 1995, but many fans did not know who he was at that time. He quickly became as much a part of the the5000 Greatest Artists of Rock chart as Aretha Franklin.

However, whereas Elton John has a solid following, virtually no one knew about Willie Nelson. He worked hard to get himself into the hearts of listeners, but he was never really taken seriously as a serious musician. He never held any significant event, but he was regarded as mostly a performer, who likes to tinker with his equipment and add new layers to his music. Of course, he had a great voice and many believe his best work was the songs he composed and sung after his initial success had long since waned.

It is great to see former rockers like Osbourne, Dickinson, Proud, Hammett, and many more pick up the guitars again and perform. They have been and remain a fantastic influence on modern musicians. Plus, they all know what it takes to move tens of millions of fans worldwide, so they are certainly not about to stop their careers just to satisfy the few fans who still buy CDs.

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